First Impressions: Black Widow #1

Mark Waid has supplanted Nathan Edmonson’s Black Widow in a single issue.

Waid’s first issue is kinetic and exciting and Samnee’s art is spectacular. Wilsons Coloring is exquisite.

These three together have produced a perfect Black Widow first issue. From page 1 Black Widow is on the run and in the action.

The choice to hold off on dialogue and internal monolog is if great but might be uncomfortable coming off the previous run where Tasha’s inner voice was everywhere. It’s very reminiscent of Winter Soldier which is absolutely a GREAT THING!

Black Widow feels like a great action thriller, breathless and filled with adrenaline. I am 100% following this book issue to issue. There is not waiting for a trade. Go read BLACK WIDOW #1  by Mark Waid, art by Chris Samnee and coloring by Matthew Wilson. GO DO IT NOW!!!!!!



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