I WANNA SHOOT BABY: Deadpool Review


Deadpool is exactly the right movie for what it was trying to be. The writers of Deadpool Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick were hired shortly after Zombieland and deliver on what you would expect from that duo, working with Ryan Reynolds. Deadpool plays like a 13-year-olds wet dream of an action movie. That is why it is a good movie. It plays to most juvenile fantasies while remaining a functional movie.

This movie would not be possible without Reynolds. It is a movie uses its talent in all the right ways. Tim Miller knows how to create compelling action and set a consistent tone. Reynolds can deliver jokes quickly enough and well enough you forget the ones that don’t land. The Jokes that do land are hilarious and satisfy the demands you would have of a comedy. The cast is charming enough to not stand out or overshadow Deadpool or dull enough for you forget about them. 

DeadPool TOuch1.gif

While none of the performances overshadow Reynolds, his chemistry with Morena Baccarin and his chemistry with a CG amalgam that is Colossus, anchor the movie keeping it from being just fluff and nonsense. You believe, in the course of only seven minutes, that Wade Wilson is completely in love with Vanessa Carlysle (soon to be Copycat in the future, surely). You believe that Reynolds would do anything to stay alive. Baccarin plays it so genuine and lovestruck while being strong and independent. She also gets to  dish out the jokes and be just as dirty as Wade Wilson, that is until he actually becomes Deadpool.

Deadpool’s Laurel and Hardy dynamic with Colossus – who was made up of four different  people between onset, motion capture, and voice – is great and is made even better by the addition of Brianna Hildebrand as Negasonic Teenage Warhead whose dry angry delivery against Deadpool’s wackiness and Colossus’ straight man make them a brilliant trio. You really believe that this big metal boy scout wants Deadpool to do good. The voice acting of Stefan Kapičić  combined with the motion capture performance creates a fully realized character with believable mannerisms and a great personality. One that clashes with Deadpool perfectly. There are other performances that make this movie hilarious. Leslie Uggams and T.J Miller being the most notable. Each of them perfectly placed with scene-stealing lines.

Although the action was good, it wasn’t my favorite part of the movie. The best moments during fight scenes happened following or right before a joke. Despite that, Tim Miller does manage to make each character unique. Deadpool has his own fighting style that fits so perfectly with his character. The fight between Colossus and Angel Dust also fits based on the characters/performers. Something Miller has shown in his commercial/animation experience that clearly impacted Deadpool.

My biggest criticism is Ed Skrine as Ajax purely because he was so forgettable I wrote “Rob” not “Ed”, at first, typing his name. He’s a forgettable British bad guy, but he’s no less developed than the worst of Marvels MCU villains. Although it might not be that bad because he is responsible for one of the movie’s biggest laughs.

Deadpool is a dumb fun movie. Which is not a problem, with the movie. Nothing feels recycled or reused despite the fact that much of the movie is trope-e as hell. If you want a good laugh due to copious dick jokes, Deadpool is the perfect movie for you.


PS: I would have sex with Ryan Reynolds.



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