Teen Wolf Review: 5.12 Damnatio Memoriae

Review of 5.11

The Beast of Gévaudan has arrived. 

This episode feels like it is beginning of a new season completely, one where everything from the past will finally come to play. TeenWolf-Kira.pngThe return of Grandfather Argent now cured of the mountain ash poisoning of the 2nd season (which I think makes him a werewolf now?). Braeden returned to help Malia find her mother and we learn Deaton is still alive. Previews even suggest the return of Ducaleon. The ending of Kira about to fight a tribe of Skinwalkers alone makes this episode fantastic.
Damnatio Memoriae continues to assure me that we return to what I loved about Teen Wolf initially. While the pack isn’t fully back together Stiles and Scotts friendship seems more or less reaffirmed. We also get Scott back to at least fighting strength, We see the what it means to be true alpha when he just deflects Kanima (A reptilian supernatural caused by Werewolf bite gone wrong) claws like they are nothing.

This hole episode captures that silly tone I sorely missed and brings back the fun of the the first three seasons.

Can’t wait for next week.


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