Teen Wolf Review: 5.11 The Last Chimera

Season 5 of Teen Wolf hasn’t been a success, nor has it been a failure in any way. The midseason cliffhanger that left Scott and his pack scattered to the wind was a bold move that only worked because of fives longer plot. However, the show is consistent in its format. Absurd somewhat easy to figure out twists, Acting that ranges from inspired to DTV perfection, and a geeky level of attention to detail (that doesn’t exist anywhere else on a show with this low of a budget)  This is the closest thing you’ll get to Fast & Furious 6 on TV for a paltry 10-13 episodes a year.

The Last Chimera upholds this, but there’s a serious tone to this episode that plays real because of the fallout from mid-season.teen-wolf-season-5b-episode-11-the-last-chimera-video-review-778041 Focusing on Scott and Styles putting aside their break up to save Sheriff Stilinski who is dying after being infected by Chimera Venom. The whole thing is deadly serious really with Liam is dealing with guilt after almost killing Scott and not being able to save Hayden, his first girlfriend. We also revisit and explain the flashforward from episode 1 of this season. Now that Parrish has been revealed as a Hellhound (WWWHHHAAATTT???!!!) we see just how powerful he is. He’s fire and brimstone – with all the teeth and claws we are more than used to with this show.

Even the utterly serious tone of this episode they still managed to have a Teen Wolf moment (as I like to call them).trio.PNG

After a commercial break in which are heroes realize the Dread Doctors are close behind, Tyler Posey seemingly breaks the 4th wall to tell the audience but we aren’t alone. From the shadows behind him emerges Argent (a hunter of the supernatural that became a surrogate father to Scott over the last few seasons) with a grenade launcher in hand shouting “GET DOWN”.

Teen Wolf is, absurdity, at its finest, mixed with genuinely touching moments. This episode is sold on the back of Dylan O’Brien who continues to be the star when it come to actual acting ability. From the moment when he throws injured Scott on to the ground to when we see him at his father bed, hoping on all hope he doesn’t die. Teen Wolf is remarkable for no reason more than O’Brien who turns in a performance no one should expect on MTV.

The Last Chimera is a great reset and Pallet cleanser after a rather dour first half season. Hopefully, the relationship drama and soapiness will return to previous levels and we can get back Nth degree crazy on a weekly basis.

Favorite Moment:



“It’s the symbol of a pack . . .  Scotts”




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