Teen Wolf Recap for Season 5A


Lots happened at the end of the Summer 2015 run on Teen Wolf.

Kira Nakamura (A lightning Kitsune) traveled with her mother somewhere… to regain control of her abilities after finding the Dread Doctors (seemingly interdimensional beings who used to be scientists) had crucially damaged her brain.

Über Bro’s Scott McCall (A True Alpha Werewolf) and Styles Stilinski went through an intense break-up for so many reasons, many of which I don’t remember.

Scotts first beta Liam turned against him because of the machinations of Theo Rakin (A Chimera) who used the Bloodmoon (An event that supercharges werewolves) to kill Scott who Theo had weakened with Black Mountian Ash placed in his inhaler.

Either shortly before or after the Scott/Styles break-up, Styles broke up with his girlfriend Malia (A werecoyote), If I had to guess having something to do with Malia’s mother The Dessert Wolf a villain hinted at since Malia’s introduction to the show.

Lydia (A Banshee – which in Teen Wolf is basically a psychic) has been left catatonic which us back to the beginning of the season which flashed forward.

Theo Rakin’s ultimate plan after his attempt to kill Scott, being to raise a pack of Chimera who The Dread Doctors had been creating throughout the first nine episodes of the season.

The ending of Status Asthmaticus also revealed the dread doctors had been building the Chimera to prepare for the arrival of something bigger seen in a painting fighting Officer Parrish who was revealed to be a Hellhound ( WHAT ? ! ? ! ? ! ?).

That’s everything you need to know about Teen Wolf, mostly.



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