First Impressions: All New X-Men

“All New X-Men #1” is fantastic. As a first issue it gives you a premise that’s intriguing, a character with inner turmoil and action that is really well drawn.

I already have a sense of where this might be going but I can’t see the ending which excites me a lot.

I love the idea of The classic X-Men getting plucked out of there time line and place into our. Scott Summers having to deal with what future Scott did is really powerful.

I love that X-23 and Angel’s relationship, follows through from All-New Wolverine. If you are currently reading that, starting this isn’t a bad idea.

Although might not have been sold on the Art I found fit the tone perfectly by the end.

I would suggest picking this up in the trades even having not read everything – but reading month to month doesn’t sound half bad.


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